Avengers Endgame : Captain Marvel to the rescue in the new trailer

To fight Thanos and bring back their friends to life, the Avengers will need the help of a new recruit in the person of Captain Marvel in ” Endgame “. You can find it in this new trailer. The serious things begin. Now that the movie solo Captain Marvel is out and that her character was attached to the Avengers universe through the scene post-credits, the heroine played by Brie Larson edge and finally the tip of his nose in the new trailer for Endgame. It is beside Captain America, Black Widow, and other super-heroes who survived the snap of the finger Thanos that she is going to try to reverse the trend. And knowing the power of the Titan Crazy, that holds all the stones of the infinite, it will have bread on the board. This new trailer symbolizes the work begun by Marvel there are more than ten years through their various stages. With the arrival in the Avengers, Captain Marvel, the House of Ideas brings his latest play to a building already staggering… now only Remains to know how the super-heroine will manage to change the game. See you in cinemas on the 24th of April next.

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