Emergencies : the mystery of the son of Doug Ross, revealed by the creator of the series

John Wells, the creator of Emergency has lifted the veil on one of the big mysteries of the series : the son of Doug Ross ! The showrunner also spoke about the reasons that prevent any prospect of a reboot. NBC/Everett Collection What happened to the son of Doug Ross ? Maybe it was a detail to you but some have never returned. Flash-back : we are in the first season of Er and the pediatrician to Cook County, embodied by George Clooney, reveals to a patient that he has a son. A little later, it was with Wendy, a nurse, he says, he has never met his child and he don’t even know up to his name. The son of Doug would not he suffered from Chuck Cunningham syndrome ? (those characters who disappear without a trace because the writers don’t know what to do)

John Wells, a TV Line, there is an explanation for the more pragmatic : “there are people among us who have lost track of their child “. A little light ? The showrunner in full : “George Clooney and I had talked about it at the time. We all know the two people, men who have had children with whom they have no contact for any reason. It is as well that we have decided to tackle the issue “.

In spite of everything, the existence (and disappearance) of the child is not without importance. John Wells then explains that the guilt experienced by Doug Ross was in part motivated to become a pediatrician and care for sick children. Instead of back story that the main plot then ? Yes, the showrunner is justified in affirming that the son of unknown is an important part of that is Ross as of the beginning of the series but it was out of the question to do in the Hallmark Movie channel, american that specialized in romantic comedies, the kind that we need to rediscover the afternoon on M6). I’m not really interested in the idea of a reboot of Er (John Wells)

A reboot of the series is it possible ? Asked about a possible return of the series, John Wells has a definite position. Making reboots a thing are indeed very popular on the screens of americans, the temptation to resume the Emergency department with new characters, a new socio-political context needs to be great ? “I’m not really interested in this idea. We had a wonderful experience and I have the impression that one has already told all these stories. And I will not want, in any circumstances, do anything that could tarnish the experience that we had at the time “.

The showrunner also explained not to feel interest in this general tendency to nostalgia, especially when streaming services offer the original (Emergencies is available on the platform HULU in the United States). In France, these series heritage are still too often missing in the catalogs and, at least to afford the DVD sets or BR, they, unfortunately, have become invisible.

Rather than reboot Emergencies , it is better to (re)see Emergency. The look and image feel good the 90’s but the quality and size always outnumber the modes and eras. Emergencies : what became of the actors from the series ? See the slideshow Slideshow Emergencies : What became of the actors from the series ? 26 photos

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